Easton.  Grey and Tan "Frogskin" Camo

Easton. Grey and Tan "Frogskin" Camo

It’s ironic that the camo print was designed to hide men in combat but it makes a bold stand-out statement everywhere else.   The frog skin pattern was the US military’s first attempt at disruptive camouflage. In 1942, elite Marine units were the first to be issued the frog skin uniform. Inspired by that pattern, our Easton shirt is made from a heavier twill that will last forever.


Grey and tan camouflage in the frogskin pattern
Heavier cotton twill
Slim fitting
Adjustable cuffs with gauntlet buttons
Shaped hem with side gussets

100% cotton
Made in Canada
Sizes: S, M, L, XL

  • Care Instructions

    Machine wash cold.  Hang to dry.

  • Sizing.

    Slim fitting.  See The Kovalum Fit tab.

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C$83.99Sale Price

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