Rhapsody in Blue

March 24, 2014

Blue is by far the 'it' colour for men's fashion this season and next. The popular trend at the moment is to mix all shades of blue together. For instance a light blue or pastel solid blue shirt with a royal blue, navy or periwinkle suit. The stiff power suit is now a thing of the past. The new suit, in some ways, reminds me of the cuts from the 1930's. The lines are more fluid, the jackets are longer and pants are looser.


From Canali to Gucci, blue was seen on all the leading runways.  The utilitarian style of jacket, seen above, is also another trend that carries in men's fashion from spring to fall 2014-15.


Kovalum is on point when it comes both to the blue trend and utilitarian style. Presently we carry several pieces that fit the bill.


Slim-Cut Tailored Blue


London, our tab collar blue fitted shirt looks great worn with a tie. Having a tab to connect the collar truly gives the shirt a sophisticated appeal.


The Midnight men's dress shirt is a Kovalum classic. The intensity of the dark blue, compliments every man that wears it. The shirt is slim fit and can be worn under a suit or casually with jeans.


The Slate shirt is also a fitted slim-cut tailored shirt. It is the same cut as the Midnight shirt just a paler blue/grey colour. It looks fantastic under the deck jacket and the shawl collar sweater. Both shown below.


Our Navy Deck Jacket and Shawl Collar Sweater in French Terry also capture this blue trend.

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