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Grey and Blue Stripe Tee

We make men’s clothes that echo a bygone time, when men took care of what they wore and what they wore took care of them. All our garments are hand made by people of passion in our hometown of Toronto. We’re proud to purvey good clothes for men, just as we hope they’ll be to wear them.


We're All About Detail

We don’t sell what’s easy to find. We’re passionate about menswear done well, and we’ve spent time honing the science of the perfect shirt and coat.

Our shirts are “flat felled,” not “serged.” Why? Flat-felled seams yield one hell of a durable shirt. Things like fraying are kept well at bay and form never gets compromised. All our shirt collars and cuffs are lightly lined, too, so they’re soft to the touch. And every shirt has a short tail if you like yours untucked.