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KOVALUM (pronounced "Kovah-lum") was born all the way back in 2010. At the time, founder (and menswear aficionado), Mark Johnson, sought out to counter the frivolity of fast fashion with timeless, masculine clothes. And he wanted to have them all made in his hometown of Toronto, Canada. 


But if we're being candid here, the seed that sowed the reality of Mark's brand was his father's anorak, the likes of which was passed down to him as a teen in the '70s. As practical in its use as it is stylish to wear, Mark took to the coat with an inimitable affection and it would go on to inspire him to start this very brand.

By the way, Kovalum is named after a legendary beach situated at the southwest tip of India, in the state of Kerala.

Fun fact: The literal English spelling is actually "Kovalam." But to keep mispronunciation to a minimum, Mark chose to write out his company's name how it sounds.

All of our shirts, coats, hats and scarves are proudly cut, sewn and stitched at facilities in Toronto that we visit.  This lets us keep a close eye on manufacturing quality. And since we're a small business, all of our products have limited production runs, which not only ensures a top quality product, every season could yield a limited edition piece.

Mark loves hearing from his clients, no matter what they have to say. He's happy to field anything.

Email him at

Don't be shy.

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