KOVALUM (pronounced "Kova-lum") was established in 2010 as an independent Canadian label based in Toronto. The goal is to offer timeless, masculine style that is neither stiff nor foppish. Our clothing is built to last, in style and quality.  Today we sell in stores across Canada.

OUR NAME Kovalum is named after the legendary beach at the southwest tip of India in the state of Kerala. Actually, the literal English spelling is Kovalam, but it’s pronounced Kova-lum. To avoid mispronunciation, we decided to go with the spelling that’s the same as the sound.

WHERE IT'S MADE.  All of our products are proudly made in Toronto, Canada at facilities that we visit. This allows Kovalum to closely monitor production quality. Because we are a small designer, all of our products have limited production runs, thereby ensuring quality and exclusivity.

AND LASTLY.  You can browse our full collection online or at stores across Canada.     


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I'd be happy to hear from you directly about the things you like and dislike. You can email me directly at johnson@kovalum.com.  Don't be shy.




Mark Johnson

Founder and Owner, Kovalum

White denim shortsleeve with blue contrast stitching. 2015

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