Canyon. Waxed Cotton Deck Jacket in Caramel Corduroy.

Canyon. Waxed Cotton Deck Jacket in Caramel Corduroy.

Our deck jacket is based on the A-2 Deck Jacket that was created for the US Navy who needed a very durable and warm jacket for sailors.  The A-2 took the best parts of its predecessors of the previous decades and merged them into what became the most comfortable and useful jacket design that came out of the US military. We modernized this classic without losing either style or function.


Think a pair of wool trousers, a white tee and your favourite wool jumper. Unlike our waxed cotton line, these come in corduroy with a blue chambray lining.


– Caramel corduroy
– Blue chambray lining
– Two inner pockets
– Adjustable snaps on sleeve cuffs
– Heavy duty buttons
– Zipper in YKK No. 5 antique brass
– Adjustable side cinches
– Adjustable cuffs with metal snaps

100% cotton

Made in Canada

  • Care Instructions

    Allow any mud or dirt to dry, then gently brush off with a soft, lint free, fabric pad. Sponge with cold water if needed. 

    Machine washable in cold.  Hang to dry.

    Warm iron to remove wrinkles.

    Do not use solvents.

  • Sizing

    Fit advice: Snug fit.  Size up if you're larger than average.


Canadian Made Garments


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