M1 T-Shirt.  Bamboo and Organic Cotton.

M1 T-Shirt. Bamboo and Organic Cotton.

Even the most basic of basics should be made well, with as much attention to detail as anything else. Our M-1 t-shirts are no exception, and that’s why we spent time cultivating the perfect combination.


There aren’t too many Canadian-made t-shirts left anymore but we’re proud to still be one of them.  These are super soft, super durable t-shirts made from bamboo rayon and organic cotton.  Unlike cotton, these t-shirts keep their shape and get better with time.  Knitted and sewn in Toronto, Canada.


Made from bamboo and organic cotton. Super soft but strong. It keeps its shape.

– Colour: Midnight blue, heather grey, black and white

– Neck:  Crewneck or V-Neck


70% bamboo rayon, 30% organic cotton


Made in Canada




  • Care

    Machine washable.  Tumble dry low heat.


Canadian Made Garments


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Our clothes are for men who are learned and masculine, men who've got plenty to tell.

Our clothes can be paired with anything you’ve already got, such are their utility. What’s more, all of our shirts and jackets match each other with ease, which saves time.

We like what’s simple.

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