Robert.  Grandad Shirt in Lightweight Cotton.

Robert. Grandad Shirt in Lightweight Cotton.

The band collar originated a long time ago when shirts had removable collars. White collar workers would attach a collar and wear a tie. Blue-collar workers would often wear the shirt with no collar.
Variations include the mandarin collar and the Nehru collar, both of which are taller than the standard band collar shown here.


You can’t get more relaxed than this. A band collar made with a soft lining. This is a great vintage look for laid back moments. Perfect for hip workwear styles. It works by itself or under a jacket. Despite being a classic style, you still don’t see many men with them. People will notice. Expect compliments.
Add it to your arsenal.


The grandad shirt in lightweight cotton.

Band collar
Single chest pocket with no button
Slim fitting
Adjustable cuffs with gauntlet buttons
Shaped hem with side gussets
100% cotton

Made in Canada
Fabric milled in Portugal

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

  • Care Instructions

    Machine wash cold.  Hang to dry.

  • Sizing.

    Slim fitting.  See The Kovalum Fit tab.


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